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Stop waiting for yor computer! We review Process Lasso!

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

More important than how fast your computer is — is how fast your computer feels.  Responsiveness is critical.  You can have the latest and greatest processor but it all amounts to nothing when some background process decides to grab all the cycles it can.  Quite a lot of software isn’t written in such a way that it plays as nicely as it should with others; developers often don’t give much thought to how their software might slow you down when you’ve moved on to work on other tasks.  This is where Process Lasso comes in!  The core functionality of Process Lasso monitors all your computer’s running software and automatically adjusts the priority of any non-critical processes so that they will be less likely to interfere with you.  For example, let’s say you are writing a paper in Microsoft Word and you left Firefox in the background with Gmail and Facebook open.  You may be typing away in Word only to get irritated as your typing and/or mouse movements momentarily freeze as Firefox executes the JavaScript to update Gmail/Facebook.  Process Lasso would detect that that Firefox has begun monopolizing the CPU and would reduce its priority to the operating system.  A process with a lower priority still runs as it should, it simply gets less CPU time when other higher priority processes need the CPU.  The only difference you’ll notice is that Word will be more responsive.  Process Lasso works in the background automatically adjusting priorities to give you the most responsive experience possible.  In addition there are all sorts of other bells and whistles included, including the ability to permanently block some apps from running (like that Quick Time process Apple always re-adds to my registry!), the ability to suspend and restore processes, the ability to automatically restart processes which you always want (if they crash/die), and a great performance graph that shows you just what Process Lasso is doing and why.

And best yet, the developers over at Bitsum let home/personal users make the decision about whether they use the free version or upgrade to the slightly more advanced Pro version (you’ll get all the Pro features during a trial period). 

Process Lasso isn’t snake oil, it’s not overclocking your CPU or doing technical wizardry, it’s adding a much needed intelligence and configurabilty to the process prioritization mechanisms already built into the Windows operating system; and it’s adding some other useful features along the way.

I’ve been using Process Lasso off and on for about 3 years now and strongly recommend it, particularly if your PC is older and more likely to be momentarily overwhelmed by newer and more resource intensive background tasks.

^ Quinxy von Besiex

Go Download for Windows  or Download for Windows x64 now!

Or visit Bitsum (the publisher)’s Process Lasso description.


We don’t recommend software often, and when we do it’s because we truly believe in it and use it ourselves!  We do not receive any sort of compensation for these reviews.

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