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Free Windows 7 Starter Upgrade: Change Your Background!

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Windows 7 Starter is the OS found on most of the low-end PCs you can buy today, and while it includes all the core technical benefits of Windows 7, they have intentionally removed features in the hopes that you’ll pony up the dough for the $80 for an upgrade to Home 7 Premium; new computer buyers can take advantage of a limited time offer of a $50 upgrade

Some of the Starter limitations can be worked around through free thirdparty software, and we’ll be bringing you a collection of ways to do this.  We start with the most surprising limitation of Windows 7 Starter, they won’t let you change your desktop’s background image!  Not only do they not give you the option, if you’re technically saavy and change the bmp they’re using yourself, the OS will revert it back to their background!

Fortunately, there is the free Oceanis Background Changer for Starter!  Click that link, grab the download, and read the tutorial and within minutes you’ll get your custom background, and can even have your background be a slideshow.

- Quinxy

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