New features: My Searches, My Downloads, My Recently Viewed Drivers…

We have recently launched some new “preview access” features, part of our personalization effort. Each search you do will be remembered and can be redone days later. Each driver you download will be remembered. Each driver you view will be remembered. For these features to work you MUST have one of the new (free) personalized accounts (which means anyone who signed up after April ‘05, or who volunteered to upgrade their account); if you haven’t yet, go to

These new personalized features are “preview access”, which means a) it might have bugs, b) its interface has improvements yet to be made, and c) it will eventually become part of a “premium” offering. Don’t let the “premium” worry you, features currently free will remain free. The premium offerings will enable us to continue to expand our free features while also developing additional tools (and tech-managed data) of particular use to computer professionals (and advanced hobbyists) who use our site. The reality is that we must create additional revenue sources to expand our features and stay ahead of the competition in an environment where banner advertising and the like continue to wane as a revenue source. As we’ve seen all of our other competitors abandon their free offerings and convert entirely to paid membership we’ve never waivered from our commitment to keeping this site a free resource, and we believe that the best way to guarantee that for the future is to develop tools which will make the jobs of our professional and advanced users easier, and in that savings of their time (and their money) we’ll earn their premium membership. But, it’s not all about money. All our premium memberships will be able to be earned by member participation. If contribute to our site, by doing such things as uploading needed drivers and helping others resolve their driver problems, you will earn our respect and all the benefits of premium membership. Stay tuned for details as the new features are launched.

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