Centrino Certified Nonsense

There’s an interesting article about the dubious marketing related to Intel’s Centrino technology. Centrino is a label Intel assigns to certain notebooks (from various manufacturers) which have an Intel made wifi radio and meet certain requirements (thin, light, and long-lasting battery life). Intel has been offering a service to certify wifi locations as Centrino, which in the minds of the article’s author (and I’d agree) will create the misperception in the minds of the masses that Centrino is somehow different and apart from the 802.11a/b/g standards by which wifi hotspots operate. A Centrino sticker in the Window of your local coffee shop will likely not statistically improve your chances of getting on their WiFi network, whether or not you’ve got a Centrino laptop. And that’s the concern, that they are muddying people’s perceptions of wifi so they can build a brand around some very ordinary technology.

Intel wags mangy Centrino dog by Boeing’s tail

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