What can DriverGuide do better?

We at DriverGuide try very hard to create the best driver, firmware, and support site out there, but it can be difficult to find the right balance giving our users the ideal user experience and giving us the opportunity to earn the  revenue we need to pay the bills.  So we’d like to open the floor and listen to what you our users have to say.  What would you like us to improve on?

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20 Responses to “What can DriverGuide do better?”

  1. alron says:

    why don’t you just let me install my own drivers I think I’m smart enough I have ben trying to download a driver for a backpack for a computer that is not connected to the internet and all I get is online installs it is very anoying!!!!!!!!!

  2. rdbooth says:

    What can Driverguide do to improve their dervice?
    The first thing is to allow drivers to be downloaded without first downloading and installing the NON-Working DriverGuide software. Quite frankly, IT DOES NOT WORK! Please allow me to make the previous statement a bit clearer for the guys who tested the software and passed it for use on your site.
    DriverGuide downloader no workee workee.
    I have tried said software on windows 98 se, windows 2000 pro, windows 2000 server and windows xp.
    When it would install, (would install only on xp), the system became so unstable that I had to wipe the hard drive and start over from scratch. Then it still would not work! I could not get it to install on anything but xp. I refise to try it on my windows 7 system.
    DriverGuide used to be a good dependable site for finding drivers for older hardware, what ever happened to that DriverGuide site?

  3. rdbooth says:

    For the readers of my previous post.
    I should have checked my spelling.
    Dervice should have been Service and refise should be refuse
    I know from past experience that there are thousands of good drivers here on DriverGuide.
    One just can not access and download the drivers as the site is at present. I’ve been attempting to download one particular Intel sound driver for several months now to no avail. All I ever get is the stupid DG downloader that does not work!

  4. Mark says:

    What you can do better is knock OFF the stupid advertising! I bought your hardware…..Why should I have endure countless adds and offers and waste an incredible amount of time in order to get an update or driver?
    Very low class.

  5. Scott says:

    The main thing you can do better is provide an option for downloading drivers that doesn’t involve your adware “downloader”. I’ve run into several cases where I’m trying to download drivers for old systems where the “downloader” won’t run, thus adding several steps to my download. Huge pain.

  6. Quinxy says:


    I appreciate your frustration. As it pertains to your exact problem, we are working on a remedy to your situation which we’ll deploy soon which will work offline.


  7. Quinxy says:

    Mark, I think you are confused about who “we” are. You could not have bought our hardware because we do not sell any hardware. We archive drivers and offer support to users. We are not compensated in any way by hardware manufacturers. We are providing a free service, trying to help you, the end user. We must pay to host our site, pay to staff our site, and users who come to our site such as yourself expecting free service and support must give back in some way to cover our costs, and all we ask is that you put up with some ads. But, we’d much rather you paid us directly, so if you want to buy a membership we will gladly give you the zero advertisements experience our paid members get. But, most likely you don’t want to give us any money, and you just want to download your driver for free and ask your support questions for free, which we entirely welcome! But then don’t be greedy and complain about the ads!

  8. Quinxy says:

    If you contact support or leave a message here about exactly what problem you are experiencing we could try to help you. As such your post of “downloader no workee workee” isn’t very instructive, and doesn’t give me any clue as to what problem you might be having. We track statistics on our downloader and we know that it is working for the vast, vast majority of people. We’re happy to try and look at individual problems people have, but contrary to what you suggest, “downloader workee workee just fine” for most people.

  9. Quinxy says:


    As you can probably appreciate Internet advertising/revenue generating models shift all the time, and making the money we need to cover server and staffing has become more difficult than ever. Where we formerly required members sign up to download, collecting a few cents here and there from offers the user was presented with and optionally chose, now we have shifted to download offers in lieu of the registration requirement, making a few cents on those. It is unideal, but the solution is simple! If you buy a membership from us you will experience a site without ads and direct downloads. If you have another solution which enables us to cover the costs we incur from helping non-paying users, please tell us and we’ll consider it, if we haven’t already.

  10. Doug says:

    It works with winXp ( I often used it to back up drivers) but Win7 32 or win7 64 is never mentioned so the conclusion is it doesn’t work. I never got it to work with win7 32. I tried early on in 2011.
    A simple statement of incompatibilities would avoid miss-expectations and user ire.

  11. Bill says:

    What you can do is have actual drivers instead of having to load crapware on your computer. I used this site many years ago and it was well done. Now you cant download a FREAKING driver. I see more commercials in 10 minutes on your once useful site than I see on TV in weeks. It is sad. Your site was a useful tool. Now it’s just a TOOL. Thanks for nothing.

  12. Pete Kanak says:

    Why can’t we just go in and get drivers without scanning. You have made it impossible to get drivers for a computers that cannot get on the internet HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Chris says:

    Moving back to the old driverguide where I could download drivers
    with my normal account without being forced to use an installer.

    That would make things better.

  14. Andrew says:

    I love your guys’ website. It’s freaking awesome. This is the ONLY PLACE LEFT ON THE INTERNET where you can download a SmartDisk VideoSafe driver (called CameramateRTVDrivers.zip). It’s been pissing me off for about 3 days now, not being able to find it, then I came here not expecting much, yet you put out more than I thought you guys would. Thanks a bunch! I will definitly be coming here for my drivers from NOW ON!

  15. PhilT says:

    download driverguide 2012, installer downloads 20M to match my version of .NET, driverguide runs and I get a message box Spoon Studio 2011 “This version of the software has expired”. Program auto_updater says I have the latest version.

    So I am in a loop

  16. Quinxy says:

    PhilT, so sorry about that! I just fixed the issue! You can just re-run the download file you already have and it’ll fetch the new .Net support file.

  17. Quinxy says:

    Thanks Andrew, glad we could help!

  18. Quinxy says:

    We hear you, and we, too, wish we could go back to a time when ad banners covered our server costs. :( As it is, we’re stuck in 2011, with different ad revenue opportunities, and non-paying users have to get the installer while paying members can get a direct download. Buy a membership and we’ll be only too glad to remove all ads and give you direct links to files!

  19. Quinxy says:

    Peter, not sure what you mean. We have search forms on the top of every single page and a big search box on the home page. You don’t need to use our scanner if you don’t want.

  20. Quinxy says:

    Bill, it is sad. It’s sad that so many users have an expectation that they have a right to expect everything for nothing just because it’s the internet and not a local computer shop. It costs us money to serve the files, to pay the staff to upload the files, to develop the site. And revenue from ad banners/etc. have fallen so much that they no longer cover much of our expenses. It was either take our archive offline or support a mixed revenue model, with lots of free content, premium memberships, and alternative ad options.