Toolkit License Issue Fixed!

One of our servers went down unexpectedly on March 1 and our generation of software licenses was affected.  If you made a purchase between March 1 and today you may have not received your license by email.  Please contact us with the payment confirmation email and we’ll get you off a new license ASAP!  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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25 Responses to “Toolkit License Issue Fixed!”

  1. Tom Benefield says:

    I did not get my license number after I made my Payment. How do I get the License number?

  2. Quinxy says:

    Sorry for that! Thanks for writing in. I want to make sure you get your license ASAP. I’ll follow-up by private email right now so I can get the information I need to solve the problem.

  3. David Lowenthal says:

    I have lost my license number. Please send me a new one.

  4. Quinxy says:

    Be glad to help. I just sent you an email privately to get your information to resolve this.

  5. Warren says:

    no validation number on my password change and new one don’t work.

  6. Quinxy says:

    I’ve passed your request along to our support people. I’m not sure what problem you might be having with reseting your password. You may want to check your spam folder to ensure the confirmation email isn’t in there.

  7. Murat Tosun Sutunc says:

    I have paid thru paypal and receieved my login name and password. However I am unable to login no matter how I enter the data. Can you please check on your side to see if there is a problem with my data.

  8. Quinxy says:

    I’ve contacted you by email to learn more so I can solve your problem.

  9. brian lobotzke says:

    I ordered the driverguide toolkit but never received anything to download it, what should I do? Thanks for the help!

  10. Quinxy says:

    The full version of the toolkit is available from so you may already have it installed. You may mean that you didn’t receive the license code to unlock its full features. If that’s the case, check your spam folder to make sure the license email didn’t end up there. If these suggestions didn’t help, reply here and I’ll contact you by email to follow up.

  11. brian lobotzke says:

    Yes thats what I meant, I haven’t received a license code. I did check my spam folder but I see no email, could you try to send it again?

  12. Barbara L says:

    I have tried to no avail to download the toolkit etc. I have not been able to scan the computer. I keep getting a “runtime errors ‘91′ ” I have become very frustrated and feel that this is a waste of time. I bought the Premium Plus on the 3rd of the month. Haven’t been able to use it. Blaird

  13. Quinxy says:

    The toolkit can be downloaded by anyone by clicking here, which is the link on If you meant you were having another sort of problem, please tell me more.

  14. brian lobotzke says:

    Someone? Please respond!

  15. Quinxy says:


    We’re trying to reply to you. Are you not receiving our emails? I know one of our people has sent you two emails already, responding each time you’ve contacted us. And I just sent you a third. We’re using the address you are giving in your comment. Please respond or give us a different email address to use to contact you.


  16. Greg F says:

    I have also downloaded the toolkit and paid for membership but have not received my license code. I have checked my spam folder and it’s not there either

  17. Quinxy says:

    I sent you an email directly to ask for more info (the payment receipt), I’ll then get our developer to issue a license. Sorry. We did discover a problem with our software payment processor. That should now be rectified, or if not within the next few hours (waiting on a DNS update).

  18. Jamie Dodge says:

    I became a paid member either Sunday the 21st or Monday the 22nd, but I never got the second email, which I think was supposed to contain the toolkit link and key?? Thank you:)

  19. Quinxy says:

    I emailed you and the support team privately, hopefully you’ll get your access ASAP.

  20. Danny Bias says:

    Reistalled four times. Both ways 1st saved and run from folder. first time I had an help menu and unlock code would not work. After second reload NO HELP MENU to input CODE. Help ME or Money Back!!
    I Reely like the product. but NO HELP!PAYPAL confims paid

  21. bekka30 says:

    Hi, I don’t speak English this message is therefore translated via translator. I received an email with login, passeword and activation ID, but when I click the link, nothing happens so I don’t know if the product is activated. Any menu that I select in the tool, it calls me software license required years registration name. But nothing works. What is the problem? What should I do? Please help me

  22. Quinxy says:

    Sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing. I forwarded your email address and problem to our developer and he should be able to help you.


  23. Quinxy says:

    I have forwarded your request on to our developer for help. I am not entirely sure I understand the problem.

  24. Johnny Clark says:

    I have paid thru paypal and receieved my login name and password. However I am unable to login no matter how I enter the data. Please check to see if there is a problem with my data.

  25. Johnny Clark says:

    Never Mind. I rebooted my system and did a copy and paste and my info was excepted.
    Thanks anyways.