DriverGuide News: DriverGuide v3 – New look, new features!

After months of work we’ve just released our first “Version 3″ update. Much more to come, but this is the foundation on top of which the other stuff will come.

Our mission in this major update was to reduce the clutter and complexity of the site, try to improve the usability of the existing features, and then add new and exciting features.

On Monday we went live with the new first release, primary changes at this point include:

  • Update the header/footer to be cleaner, more useful.
  • Eliminate the cluttered left and right navigation columns from all pages. Rely instead on context relevant features and a “sub tab” where those features can be accessed.
  • Redesign our old “search wizard” to deliver an easier experience more akin to a guided browse, including breadcrumb navigation links to go back.
  • Redesign our driver lists to make them easier to use, including a breadcrumb navigation links to go back.
  • Recreate the new home page to focus on the primary things users want to do when they come to our site: 1) keyword search for their driver! 2) scan their system for driver updates! 3) browse for updates based on manufacturer/device type.
  • Replace our old search engine with a new one! We now use a new backend search engine which is much better. An exciting new search UI will come in the next few weeks!
  • and more…

So, welcome to v3, hope you like it, and if you don’t, tell us (but don’t be a jerk about it, give us specific feedback, good or bad)!


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