Why does your DriverGuide Toolkit need to connect to your server? And what…

Why does your DriverGuide Toolkit need to connect to your server? And what is it sending??? jimbo

We occasionally hear from people wondering about this. Perhaps ZoneAlarm or the Windows firewall has popped up an alert. We’ve tried to explain/disclose it pretty well within the toolkit, but for those who might have missed it, there are two primary roles of the toolkit, one off-line and the other on-line. First, it collects/displays the information about the drivers and devices you have installed in your computer; you can then backup/restore your drivers, use the data presented for diagnostic purposes, etc. Second, it (optionally) sends the relevant parts of this device/driver data to our server so that we can find the latest drivers and device information for you. You have to use the toolkit in this way, you can use it entirely off-line, but most people derive the greatest value in the toolkit by allowing it to function on-line.

As for more specifically what data is transferred, the exact nature of the data depends on the operation, but is essentially just the device/driver data (which are not personally identifiable). To prevent abuse we also include an id unique to the toolkit, so that we can reduce piracy/etc. In the future we will also allow you to supply your DriverGuide account information within the toolkit so that we can create new management features on the site, allowing you to be alerted to new drivers without needing to run the toolkit.

All data is transferred via strong encryption.

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