I’ve been with DriverGuide 3 years, why do I need to sign up again?

I’ve been with DriverGuide 3 years, why do I need to sign up again?~Just1N

You’ve probably already seen the official notice, which is why you ask, but we’ll repeat it here before going any further:

As part of our site-wide upgrades, we’ve installed a new user login and signup system. This new system will add a great many features allowing us to customize your experience of the site, including such things as keeping track of the devices you have, searches you’ve performed, etc.

We were not able to import your original signup information, because we kept some of the data securely encrypted in a manner which is not compatible with the new system. We take efforts to protect your privacy, and must, herefore ask you to go through the sign up process again so that our system can create your new account. We apologize for the inconvenience, and trust that you will come to find the moment of annoyance worth it as our many new features come online.

It’s unfortunate that we have to ask people to signup again, but there are plenty of advantages to doing so, and more coming every day. We’ve already begun adding some features to the site that can only be used if you are a member under the new registration system, so we really do recommend people signup now rather than later.

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