DriverGuide Adds YubNub Support is a command-line interface to the web. It can be integrated with browsers as well as be accessed from that site. Here’s how it works, go to, type in “gim dog” in their command box, and you will be immediately sent to Google image search results of a dog query. You can also type in “am pony” and you’ll immediately be sent to’s results for books about ponies.

There are thousands of commands currently supported (any user can submit
one). The browser integration means that you can set it up so typing those
words in the address space of your browser will immediately do the yubnub
operation. So, i can click ctrl-o in IE, then type in “gim dog” and without going to the yubnub site i’m immediately taken to dog images on google. If you want to know more read on at their site.

Now that you know what it is, we’ve added a “driver” search on YubNub.

So, you can do the following:
“driver 9000″ and you’ll get drivers matching the keyword 9000.

If you’ve integrated YubBub with your browser all you do is type in the URL field “driver 9000″ and you immediately do the DG search.

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